[NEWS] 2010.03.27 – APPLE DAILY

Posted: May 6, 2010 in FT. Island, Korean Boyband

Source: Apple Daily
Translation: J+HYUN. @ Silh0uette

FT Island, titled as the first group of Flower Boys in the Korean music industry, were actually all trouble makers when they were younger! Guitarist Song Seunghyun liked to chase after anti-bacteria trucks when he was younger. Leader Jonghun liked playing with fire at the valley (hill/mountain) at the back of his home, assuming he would be able to put out the fire with his urine. Turns out, the fire became out of control, almost causing the entire valley to burst into flames.

Korean idol band, FT Island, released their first album 《Cheerful Sensibility》 3 years ago, selling over 80,000 copies. Main vocalist, Lee Hongki, raised FT Island’s popularity to a whole new level when he starred in the SBS drama 《미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful)》, playing one of the lead roles as A.N.Jell’s drummer, Jeremy. At the beginning of March, FT Island paid their first visit to Taiwan, showcasing a few of their major hits. 2500 tickets were sold out in just an hour, creating 7,000,000 NTS box office hits. As well, their music releases in Taiwan has reached over 30,000 copies (about 12,000,000 NTS), making about 19,000,000 in total.

Leader Sets the Valley on Fire, Song Seunghyun nearly intoxicated

FT Island, with the average age of 18, are all tall and handsome; just perfect. Who would’ve guessed they were trouble makers when they were younger? Leader Choi Jonghun speaks of his adventure on the valley. He was playing with fire as it unexpectedly exploded into even bigger flames. There was no water nearby, so with no other option, Jonghun and his friends stood in a straight line and tried to put out the flames with the urine. However, it seemed like the flames grew bigger as the entire valley began lighting into flames. Jonghun jokingly said, “A while back, I went back to ‘visit’ the valley, turns out there are a lot less trees now.”

Dorky Song Seunghyun lived in the suburbs when he was younger. Often in his village, there would always be an anti-bacteria truck coming regularly to clean out the village. Seunghyun would always delightfully run behind the truck, to experience the feeling of running through the foggy mist. He laughed as he said, “At that time, I thought the smell of alcohol (anti-bacteria) was good. But it turns out, I almost got intoxicated by inhaling too much!”

Choi Jonghun, The Most Popular Guy in School

Because of Jonghun’s handsome appearance, he was idolized as the ‘most popular’ during his schooling era. He proudly stated, “A lot of girls would make a detour to my neighbourhood, just so they could get on the same bus as me!”

Song Seunghyun, The Goody-Good that Skipped Class

Song Seunghyun is a good boy in his parents’ eyes. But in reality, he had actually skipped classes to run off with his friends. He laughed as he said, “Till this day, my parents are still unaware of this. So keep it a secret!”

Lee Hongki, Victorious Child Actor

Lee Hongki debuted as a child actor; therefore he often titled himself to be the ‘cutest’ among the five members. During his elementary school years, Hongki practiced hard on Gyro to compete with his friends. But the results were quite upsetting as it came back the other way, hitting him instead. He was bleeding immediately and eventually, it left a scar on his face.

Choi Minhwan, Mischievous Little Trouble Maker

When Choi Minhwan was young, he assisted his younger sister to auditions. Unexpectedly, he was chosen to be an child actor as well. He went to the amusement park and took a ride on the Pirate Ship. Minhwan was so high that he stood up when the ride was in motion, and fell to the ground, hitting his head. He was eventually admitted to the hospital for a few stitches on his head.

Lee Jaejin, Clumsily Ruins his Pretty Face

When Lee Jaejin was young, he was a person that was rather clumsy. He often loses his balance when he walks and just appears to be lost all the time. There was one time when he was ‘doing his business’ at his grandmother’s washroom. He clumsily tripped and injured his chin. Till today, every time he shaves, he could still feel that very scar.


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