100427 UFO Messages

Posted: May 26, 2010 in FT. Island, Korean Boyband

Credits: UFOtown+DCinside+FTTH+Hongki.love @soompi (translation)

To FTISLAND: Jonghun oppa, what type of person do you think I am…
From Jonghun: An innocent child ^^

To FTISLAND: Our oppas who are the best guys in Korea, I serve you! Kikikikehe now you guys are the best♥
From Jaejin: kekeke say that we’re good-looking! keke

To FTISLAND: I love you oppas but do you love me?? heheh ♥ If you love me, as a big favor please give me a kiss♥
From Minhwan: Smooch~~~~ was that too long!!! keke

To FTISLAND: If you don’t come quick I’m going to cry ㅜㅜ
From Hongki: kekeke don’t cry…

To FTISLAND: Whatever you do, our cool kings~ ♥ Is it going to be like this~?!
From Seunghyun: Yep it’s like this~ heheh

Continued –

100522 Hongki UFO Update

Hongstar: Hi^^ This is Hongki kekekeke are you all living well? Um… we’re just about to leave for another practice session?? keke since we’re working this hard please put your trust in us and wait!! Bye keke

100521 Jonghun UFO Update

Jongshin: Hi, the Primadonnas whom I miss so so much. We are doing well~ Even in Japan we are very active but please monitor us and always leave UFO messages~smooch



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