UFO Message in the Easy Magazine~

Posted: May 28, 2010 in FT. Island, Korean Boyband

Lee Jae Jin

To F.T Island: Jaejin ah, what are you doing right now? I want to hear you sing “Will you marry me”!! Is it ok? Just one sentence is ok
From Jaejin: Will you marry me?

To F.T Island: It’s really cold! Noona is really cold, quickly give me a coat!
From Jaejin: Can I send it to you right now? Keke

To F.T Island: Jaejin ah, “Love Letter” sounds really good, quickly come here to sing for me!
From Jaejin: keke, give me a plane ticket!

To F.T Islans: Jaejin ah, I’m relly sad….Today my class plan to go out together, but it suddenly rains heavily! Haizzz, what to do now, there isn’t anyone play with me.
From Jaejin: keke, still have me! Kekekekekekekekeke

Choi Jong Hun

To F.T Island: last night I dreamt about you!
From CJH: Tomorrow dream about me,too ^^

To F.T Island: I know the long distance between us, but I can’t give up. I will try hard to get close to you. This matter can’t make me scared! I love you, baby
From JH: Don’t give up! Because I’m always beside you

To F.T Island: Jonghun ah, now your concept looks like a prince! Can I become your princess?
From JH: Hihi, if not let me become your prince OK?

To F.T Island: Hong gi, Jong Hun, Jae jin, Seung huyn, Min hwan, hug noona, noona really miss you. You have to try hard! Hope that all of you will come to China. Love you all
From JH: Hug noona. I love you too!

Song Seung Huyn

To F.T Islans: Seunghyun, I got you under my skin! You was bewitched by me right?
From SH: Maybe I’m bewitched! Hahaha

To F.T Island: Seunghyun, Minhwan, good morning! A new day starts, always be happy! From SH: A day pasts very fast T.T

To F.T Island: Seunghyun ah, it’s very cold at home now. Can you hug me to let me feel warm ok?
From SH: No no no no! kekekekekekeke

To F.T Island: Seunghyun ah, you are a flower boy in my heart, it’s a secret. Oh! You can’t let oppa Hongki hear about it
From SH: Woah, really? Keke. Thanks you, I will keep it as a secret for sure

Choi Min Hwan

To F.T Island: Jonghun ah! I have just found out a Korean class. I will start to learn Korean laboriously ! I will go to Korea
From CMH: You have to come!! I will introduce Jonghun to you!

To F.T Islnad; Do Oppa Seunghyun and oppa Hongki bully you? Hahaha. You don’t have to scare, I will protect you!
From CMH: they do bully me!! Help me treat them! Keke

To F.T Island: Honggi, really really really miss you, think about me frequently!
From CMH: Now and then think about me!!!

To F.T Island: Honggi ah, it gets cold now, take care of yourself. The movie is great, really like your concept at present! Hwaiting, I will support you forever!
From CMH: What about me? Keke

Lee Hong Gi

To F.T Island: Honggi ah, 8 hours later please wake me up! I will send you breakfast!
From LHK: I can’t get up….

To: Honggi ah… I dreamt about you! In Japan please be healthy.
From LHK: Let’s dream about me….

To F.T Island: Honggi oppa, recently how do you do? I’m trying very hard now! I have just eaten a gato cake, it’s really delicious! Do you have time to answer me?
From LHK: Eatting at night you will get fat…hihi

To F.T Island: Hongki ah, what are you doing? Miss you so much! I want to go to the park with you.
From LHK: Kekeke. Let’s go!

Credits: Easy Magazine + ftworldfriends[lee]@360kpop
Eng trans: Kaze@360kpop
Full credits if take out plz

  1. Bianca says:

    Hi! What is the link to hongki’s cywolrd? Thanks!

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