Epop Issue no. 264 FT Island Japan Debut Interview

Posted: June 24, 2010 in FT. Island, Korean Boyband

Source: Epop Magazine || Translation: PrimadonnaSG @ WordPress (Do not remove without proper + full credit!)

Q1. How old are you when FT Island is formed?
HK: I entered FnC at about 16.
JJ: 6 years ago.
MH: When I was about 13, 14. I also met Hongki that time.
SH: When FT Island debut, I was watching them in the TV! My experience with Hongki is about the same. I entered FnC at 15 but I only debut when I was 17.
JH: Hongki was later than me 1 week only.

Q2. When knowing each other, what is the first impression?
JJ: When we first met, our impression was all different. When I first met Jonghun, he had very short hair, don’t know why, but he look older than his age. He look like 23. Hahahaha!
MH: Hongki was the first person who I find the most unique. Although Hongki is very hyper at times, but I think he had character which leave me a deep impression of him. I’m saying the truth, till now, I still had not seen someone like him.
JH: Yes! Yes! Hongki is the first person from the day I born which I see such character. Haha!

Q3. What do you think is FT Island is special in?
JH: We are a freedom band, we can try different style of music. This time <Flower Rock> , we had an explosive addictive tune. All the members did it together.
HK: The key is very high. The lyrics must also be sang fast, because I’m the main vocal, Its very hard on me. But to think this song is our main track, it’s awesome!
JJ: To think our main track is translated to Japanese, it’s very difficult. But the fact that we are preparing our music, we feel confident.

Q4. Debut till now, what is the show that make you leave an impression on?
JJ: About 2 years ago, we attend annual Korea (Pentaport), it was raining that time, and I still remember till now.
HK: It was 4 years ago, I was 17 that time.
MH: It’s not! It was before we debut in Korea, it was 6 years ago.
HK: We were trainees for 2 year. And FT Island debut 3 years after, so that had happened 5 years ago. Wow, time passes fast!~
JJ: But in my impression, it happen like 2 years ago. Can’t believe it happened so long ago.

Q5. Latest single out, what is your favourite track?
JJ: I like <Flower Rock>, when I first heard of it, I already fall in love with it. It is totally different style from the past.
HK: Still remember when filming <Flower Rock> singing on stage, we will thinking of performing in a concert and filmed the MV.
SH: I like <Revolution>, the chorus had an explosive tune which made me unforgettable.
MH: I like <Wing>, the tune of the song is good, lyrics is also not bad too.

Q6. After FT Island debut, what is the thing you want to do in Japan?
MH: In the past we think debut is the target for our future, the thing that we want the most. But now, I really hope to perform to everyone, hoping more people to know FT Island.
JH: Hope that no matter where we go, there is people welcoming us.
JJ: Hope more people in Japan to know us. My dream is to know when can we have a big concert in Japan.
HK: Don’t want to think of ORICON music chart ranking, but to hope more people will know FT Island.
JJ: But when we were studying in Japan, we saw a lot of high-school girls, they would say ‘those are FT Island boys’
MH: I was walking with Jaejin. When walking past they ask if I’m Minhwan-gun. So when knowing they know us, I’m very happy.
JJ: In my own view, I hope to attend more Japan music show, believe that performing in that stage will be very happy.
SH: I like the fact that Japan fans is listening to our songs seriously. With this, we will work harder.

Q7. FT Island had debut in Japan for 2 years, with the 2 years, what is your deepest impression?
MH: <So long, Au revoir> album debut songs till now, to us, it is very important. It is something you can’t forget.
JH: When <The One> got into ORICON chart.
JJ: To me, it’s the <Raining>, that was the first time i sang together with Hongki. It truly is a nice song.
HK: I remember it happen at a meeting, it was a girl who don’t even know our band name. Don’t know what is she up to now.

Q8. What do you think of <Flower Rock> ?
MH: It’s very different from the past FT Island songs.
JJ: I think… It is a not bad song. Hope to perform the song on stage to let everyone see.
HK: When I first heard of it, the lyrics seems hard. Because of that, I was very troubled by the lyrics.
JH: I had the same view as Jaejin, I hope to perform it on stage to let everyone see.
SH: When I first heard of it, i think it had to be number 1 on the Oricon chart. Haha!

Q9. Can you remember the fan’s faces?
HK: To see them often, of course I remember.
MH: We had been on so many fanmeetings and handshake meeting, of course we’ll remember.
JJ: The fans turn more and more, I would be so happy.
HK: and we see a lot of new fans.
SH: There’s one fan who is the same age as my mum, so it leave me a deep impression, everytime I see her, I would say, ‘It’s you again’ : )
JH: We had a lot of student fans, and a lot of different ages fans.

cre: soompi


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