SHINee reveals Lucifer album concept photos

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Korean Boyband, SHINee

It has been a smashing start to a brand new week for fans of SHINee as they get set to welcome their idols from a long hiatus since their Ring Ding Dong days.

Having released their Lucifer album this morning to get fans hooked on their music, SM Entertainment has now released more photos of SHINee’s new concept for their comeback which have left some stunned, shocked, scratching their heads and what have you. Regardless of what you might have experienced when you saw their new concept, it’s going to stay for the duration of their upcoming promotions, so enjoy the picture spread below!

SHINee will release their MV on the 20th and perform their first comeback stage through Music Bank on July 23rd. So stay tuned for a SHINee week ahead.

Many thanks to 13elieveSuJu for the tip.

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