SHINee comes back with Lucifer on Music Core!

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Korean Boyband, SHINee

The boys of SHINee made a power comeback yesterday on Music Bank, but now it’s their time to shine on MBC Music Core performing their addictive song Lucifer.

Similar to yesterday’s performance, Minho can be seen sitting out due to his recent calf injury.

Even though he’s not active on-stage, he sure does have a passion for singing and really wants to get up and dance the choreography.

SHINee has been working very hard on their new album and choreography which clearly shows with their amazing vocals and sweat in each performance.

Be sure to enjoy yet another epic performance below. Don’t worry, we’ll see all 5 boys up on the stage soon enough.

Before performing, Heechul and Jonghyun posed backstage where the former tweeted, “SHINee Lucifer Jonghyun.. AB blood types.”

credit: allkpop

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