SHINee’s Key suggested the idea for his new hairstyle

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Korean Boyband, SHINee

Upon SHINee’s hot comeback, there were jumbled reactions regarding the new concept for their 2nd album, Lucifer.

A handful of you guys thought their funky hairstyles and classy apparels were clever and superb. And of course, there were others who were just downright confused with SHINee’s overall concept.

Particularly, Key’s partially shaved head has left an impacting impression on the fans and is garnering a lot of attention. This gentleman finally spoke up about his unique hairdo through a recent interview with a NewsEn reporter.

Key expressed:

“I personally proposed this hairstyle. I wasn’t even hesitant. Instead, I was rather anxious about showing a whole new image”

“I did worry about how I would look with the new hairstyle, but I’m glad that it looks better than I expected”

“I’m really thankful of the fans for showing their interests”

credit: allkpop


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