D-NA is headed off to Japan under Sony Music

Posted: September 6, 2010 in D-NA, Korean Boyband

D-NA recently signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment, the biggest record label in Japan, and will be heading to Japan on the 23rd.

Representatives of Sony Japan have been watching D-NA closely, and finally made a visit to their agency, Open World Entertainment, for an on-the-spot audition, testing the members’ dancing and singing. They commented, “More so than anything else, we’re extremely satisfied with their singing talent. Especially Jay, he’s a rapper but he’s got exceptional vocal talent as well. We’ll be aiding D-NA’s entrance into Japan’s music market.”

Open World Entertainment stated, “After their audition, the representatives seemed very satisfied. Despite the young ages of the members, they showed off their singing and dancing skills. Their live performance earned them many points. D-NA also has a member fluent in Japanese so we think that everything went well.”

D-NA is currently preparing for their Japanese debut album along with promoting No One, Any One. A Japanese composer has taken over the entire production of their Japanese album and is planning to compose the album of J-pop style songs.

D-NA confessed, “The hardest part is recording in Japanese. It’s difficult to find the right emotions compared to singing in Korean. However, we’re excited being able to sing in another country. We’ll try our hardest to get our name, D-NA, known and to help the Hallyu Wave. There’s about six months of Japanese promotions scheduled but we hope that people will still remember us when we return.

cre: allkpop


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