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The High 1 Seoul Music Awards were a little more special this year because it was the 20th anniversary.

All the artists who performed tonight did a great job keeping the atmosphere high, especially Supreme Team, Bobby Kim, and PSY who had everyone on their feet. 

Last year, SNSD took the Daesang home and they are eligible for the award once again. Will they be the third group to win the Seoul Music Award’s Daesang two years in a row?

Seo Taiji & Boys won the Daesang in 1992 and 1993, and H.O.T. won the Daesang in 1997 and 1998.

Check out the winners below!

High 1 Popularity Award: SHINee, SNSD

Performance Award: Bobby Kim

Digital Music Award: IU

Special Hallyu Award: SNSD

Trot Award: Jang Yoon Jung

Hip-hop Award: Supreme Team

R&B/Ballad Award: 2AM

Best Album Award: PSY

Rookie Award: The Boss, SISTAR, CNBlue

Bonsangs: miss A, Son Dam Bi, IU, 2AM, 4minute, FT Island, BEAST, SNSD

Daesang: SNSD

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United States’ Kpop fans must be really lucky as there were loads of KPOP stars promoting in the States last year.

Well,here comes another great event for SNSD’s fans to meet up.The event is actually sponsored by SNSD’s company SM Entertainment.


Beautiful Girls” is the bonus track off SNSD’s first live album, ”Into the new world“. Check out the video below:


After some intense hyping over the past couple of days, the 2010 ‘SBS Gayo Daejun‘ finally took place on the evening of December 29th at the Ilsan KINTEX.

The theme for this year’s Gayo Daejun was ‘Welcome to Music Factory‘.

Expectations for the 2010 ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ were high among fans after special collaboration stages between artists were announced through the media, and if you had missed the live broadcast for some reason, or if you just want to see it all again, check out the videos below!


October 17th is a day of great excitement for our lovely friends over at 5Girl’sDay International Forum. Girl’s Day member Jisun will be turning 22, and it will also be 100 days since the group’s debut!

The forum plans to send two special packages to the group; one exclusively to Ms. Jisun to celebrate her birthday, the other addressed to the group as a whole.

For Jisun, 5Girl’sDay intends to put together a package comprised of several gifts – a personalized birthstone necklace, a camera canvas tote, a ‘Dance with Me’ tee, and a ‘pretty bow beret’. Also in the package is a special booklet full of cheerful birthday greetings from fans all over the world. Fans are also encouraged to wish her a happy birthday in their own languages.

(An important cultural distinction:  although Ms. Jisun is actually turning 21, Koreans follow a different age reckoning system. In the Western tradition, age is calculated by the actual day the individual was born. Koreans, on the other hand, believe that when a child is born, it is already at the age of 1 due to the period of life during gestation. Thus, Jisun will actually be turning 21 on October 17th, yet in the eyes of her country, she will be turning 22.)

5Girl’sDay invites you to submit your own birthday message for Jisun here (please note that this particular link is meant for Korean and English messages only; messages in other languages can be left here)!

The forum’s second package is meant for the entire group to congratulate them on their 100 days since their debut. ‘100 days’ is culturally significant to Koreans, stemming from a traditional celebration of an infant’s first 100 days of life. 5Girl’sDay would like to mark this special occasion with a package, which holds multiple gifts for each member. It will include 5 Forever21 tees, 5 Forever21 necklaces, cute toys, 5 inspirational bracelets, and a fan message booklet for the girls.

Once again, separate threads have been created in order to better organize the messages – congratulatory messages in English and Korean only can be left here, and messages in other languages can be left here. Fans are also encouraged to leave supportive notes expressing why they love Girl’s Day here.

While you’re stopping by, why not sign into the Girl’s Day fan atlas to show the girls how diverse their fanbase is? The members are known to drop by the forum sometimes, so show them that they’ve got international love!

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Today, another weekly episode of Mnet’s M! Countdown, which features many performances from different artists and groups, was aired for the viewers to enjoy.

Besides the big comeback stage of Se7en (featuring T.O.P), legendary group DJDOC and also the special HOMME collaboration of Changmin (2AM) and Lee Hyun (8Eight), other artists put up great performances to showcase the power of K-pop.

Other artists who were present to perform today include; Taeyang, MBLAQ, Narsha, miss A, G.NA, Chae Yeon, K.Will, Teen Top, Black Pearl and Kim Yeo Hee.

Check out all the performances from tonight below.

If you noticed hard enough, some were sporting a tattoo that says “0826“. In case you are wondering, they are creating hype for MNET’s upcoming awards show, MNET 20’s Choice Awards.

The awards ceremony will take place on August 26th. Stay tuned for more details!

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On this week’s HahaMong Show, MC Mong and Haha wrapped up their visit, as mothers, to girl group KARA’s dorm. Who will these ‘mothers’ visit next?

The next lucky guests are the sexy, cute and beautiful ladies of SNSD! It has been awhile since these girls have all made appearances on the same show together, so next week’s episode is definitely a treat for their fans.

Check out the preview of next week’s episode of HahaMong Show!

Thanks to smushy for the tip!

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